Odie Air is an air charter broker service acting as an intermediary between its clients and the air charter service operator assigned to a particular flight, or series of flights. Odie Air has vetted and approved a select number licensed South African air charter operators to conduct non-scheduled air services on its behalf. Odie Air does not hold an air service licence, neither does it purport to have any operational control over the air service being rendered. All air charter operators contracted by Odie Air hold comprehensive passenger legal liability insurance.

Any liability that may result from the air services so provided shall devolve to the air service operator appointed by Odie Air to perform a flight, or a series of flights. Odie Air shall not be held liable in the event of an accident or incident, death or injury to passengers, damages to personal items, lost or stolen luggage, flight delays, flight diversions, or any other misfortune or calamity associated with the air charter service provided.

In terms of the Domestic Air Services Regulations, 1991, as amended, the air charter operator shall issue passenger tickets to each person reflected on the passenger manifest. The issuing of such passenger ticket shall be deemed the legal contract to perform the air service arranged via the offices of Odie Air.