"I have been lifted so that I can lift."



Challenge4ACause is Rhino Africa’s annual mountain biking expedition through one of the world’s great wildernesses: Namibia’s Damaraland. Since 2009, riders from all around the world join forces to cycle 400km and tackle this rugged yet starkly beautiful landscape over a course of 6 days.

This extraordinary event has been taking place since 2009. The proceeds from Challenge4ACause help uplift local communities, enrich lives, fund conservation projects, and ultimately make a tangible difference in Africa’s wildlife, landscapes, and people. Odie Air has partnered with this organisation to contribute their part in uplifting others. When you undertake a trip with Odie Air you are not only going on an exciting journey, but also contributing to the conservation of our wildlife. 


Grow a tree is an initiative which motivates people of all ages to plant seeds for a new tree. This organisation provides a starter pack, complete with seeds and a complete manual to teach both children and adults about the importance of planting more trees and how to grow a tree from a seed.

The acronym GAT, stands for "Grow a Tree", derived from the Afrikaans word meaning 'hole'; coincidentally you place the seeds in a hole to plan a tree. The idea is to grow a tree from a seed to one day plant it in a community area. Imagine the joy of seeing a tree standing in the same place where you planted the seeds 20 years earlier. 

Odie Air has joined Sean Hide of "Grow Group - Grow a Tree" in their quest to inspire people from all walks of life to join Grow Group's million tree campaign. There are many opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re from a big corporate that’s looking to uphold their environmental responsibility or just looking to reduce your own carbon footprint, this option is for you. Your R20 contribution gets us growing a tree on your behalf.  Each sponsored tree will eventually be planted in a community area with you or your company’s name on it. Any of our twelve trees can be selected as a sponsored tree. Contact "Grow a Tree" by email and you’ll soon be working with one of the team members.